As far as offbeat places go, Rakkar in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh will appeal to the wanderer in you. If you are tired of the noise and pollution that’s become an intrinsic part of living and working in cities, Ghoomakad in Rakkar should ideally be on your travel bucket list. This haven has all the wonders of nature as well as the comfort of modern amenities that one can sometimes be accustomed to and cannot imagine life without. A good mix of rural and urban makes Rakkar a top destination in Himachal Pradesh for the young working crowd looking for a co-working and living space in Himachal Pradesh. Nature walks and sightseeing is an added bonus. The view of the Dhauladhar range is priceless and don’t be surprised if you can’t stop clicking pictures of all the things that make Rakkar truly one of a kind. Apart from weekend trips, this is also a top favorite for guests opting for long-stays. Some choose to stay on for months. Anyone who visits once is likely to extend their stay and make this experience a memorable part of their life. Memories made here when you mingle with travellers from other parts of the country as well as from abroad make you realize the importance of enriching your life with beautiful experiences rather than things. The co-working space in Ghoomakad always has the capacity to give you the space and the facilities to make your start-up dreams a reality whilst breathing in fresh air and drinking a hot cup of tea/coffee prepared in the Ghoomakad Rasoi, a restaurant within the premises. The menu has a mix of Indian and Chinese (as we Indians know it) offerings and one must try the parathas, the veg maggi and of course, pakoras on a rainy day. The rates are highly affordable and when in Ghoomakad, it’s always a steal deal. Reaching this place is as easy as it gets. Taxis are easily available from the Dharamshala airport. If you are traveling from Delhi, an overnight bus journey in a volvo will help you reach Dharamshala early in the morning. Take a taxi from there and tell the cab driver to take you to Rakkar Sports ground complex, in case he asks you for a landmark. Early checkins are possible and allowed. When you reach the Ghoomakad Rasoi restaurant, inform the manager of your bookings and he will guide you to your room, always with a welcoming smile. The mixed dorm accommodates 6 people in each quarter and these are built like 2-room apartments with a modern bathroom. There are other accommodation options as well which one can check by getting in touch with the manager. The mud houses will appeal in terms of design and Ghoomakad has been garnering a lot of attention for its innovative work in making Rakkar a well known and travel-friendly destination for all. Ghoomakad is more than a co-working or co-living space; it’s deeply involved in community development through its various initiatives and volunteers with the right skills are always welcome to apply using the volunteer form on the website. Calling the team and having your queries answered about availability and rates is a great way to kickstart your co-working journey in Himachal Pradesh. Here’s more about Ghoomakad for those who love details.