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A Collaborative Community for a Collective Consciousness! 

Overlooking the beautiful, snow-capped Dhauladhar, is village Rakkar, in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Although it’s just a while from the twin destinations of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, the village has an old-world charm and tranquillity to it. Here, you get the best of both worlds. And it is here, where Ghoomakad is based.

Organic & Natural Farming

In simplest terms, we at Ghoomakad are into the production of food, fruits and other plant products using organic farming and permaculture techniques that protect the environment, public health and human communities.

We also encourage patrons who stay with us to inculcate this into their lives or spread awareness about these farming techniques. The study of relationships between organisms and their environment is what all sustainable farming is about. We have total ‘zero’ dependence on the buy seeds, fertilizers and other equipment from the market. The food produced as such is highly nutritional and chemical free.

Day Trekking

The location is an exquisite one. A beautiful hut in the midst of the raw nature at the foot of the giant Dhauladhar, leading to Kundli pass. It is surreal, quiet and full of life there. It is a great opportunity to connect with nature and mountains and learn about them. Perhaps also about the self. This survival camp is all about learning:

  • How to identify dry wood. Cutting and bringing it to the camp.
  • How to cook and wash with least resources
  • How to fix injuries with local herbs and fractures with wood plasters
  • How to carry back an injured or fainted person in the mountains
  • Local folklore and songs


  • To bring about improvement in the social, economic, spiritual and environmental aspects of life in order to improve and change the lives of the people living in the Changar areas of Kangra District.
  • To work with village level institutions and the people belonging to the weaker sections of the society to actively engage them in this process of change towards social, economic, spiritual and environmental awakening.
  • To disseminate scientific knowledge to the people through the effective utilization of innovative and appropriate technology in all areas of social and environmental upgradation
  • To effectively utilize local natural resources to the optimum level towards overall rural  development.