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Where It All Began


Welcome to Ghoomakad! Overlooking the beautiful, snow-capped Dhauladhar, is village Rakkar, in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Although it’s just a while from the twin destinations of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, the village has an old-world charm and tranquillity to it. Here, you get the best of both worlds. And it is here, where Ghoomakad is based. Wherever you go in the village, you will always listen to the symphony of flowing water that passes through the kuhls in and around the village. “We Gaddis have always been ghoomakads [wanderers]”. Hence, the name. Says, Mohinder Ji – the man who started it all 10 years back.

Our Vision  

The vision behind setting up the place was to provide temporary settlement to all such fellow wanderers – like-minded people, who could benefit from the interactions and the network, simultaneously, contributing toward the local community. It could be at either end of the probable spectrum – starting from sheer interactions to gain insights and traditional knowledge; to real implementation of community development projects on ground.

For Technology Workers 

So far, many technology workers – Web developers, designers, coders, ML & AI professionals have visited this place, used it as their co-working space to create and collaborate, in a creative environment. The new-found freedom that they get here as compared to the cubicles of the urban offices, has had a very positive impact on their lives in general, and work in particular.


Upcoming Event 

Tech Himalayan

A 10 Days Digital Marketing Business Training Program 

Together, as a community, we design multiple such projects and programs that allow us, at this space, to grow together – as a community, collaborating for the collective! One such initiative is the Tech Himalayan project that we run for people and workers from the ITES industry to come, collaborate, learn and grow together with the Ghoomakad community. Keep looking for the future programs that might suit your interest and time.


Our Segments 


Whether you are taking a break in life/career etc., or you are just wanting to give yourself that required time and space to plan next moves of your life, it is an ideal locale for you.


You are self-employed, consultant, freelancer, in any profession where you need a work space and reliable internet to work your days, it is all here. As a bonus you get an enhanced life quality amidst nature.


You want to take off for a while, or be on leisure for a while. You have the best place to so. The cherry on the cake is that we create multiple engagement opportunities through our activities. Hence you can connect with nature, and the community.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

"GHOOMAKAD. It's a place where you can fall in love with nature apart from the pollution of cities. It also provides organised Trek to some astonishing locations. I am loving my stay over here and it gives you a feeling of WORKCATION which means you can work and love vacation all together here. It's one of best place if you are interested to learn about different culture."

Kaivalya Pandey

“Beautiful and quiet place to dwell! ”

"Such a beautiful and quiet place to dwell! If you are looking for home away from city life for some time, this is the one. Only 20 min ride from the Dharamshala bus stop, it is located in a small street/ village Rakkar road. The hosts are great, rooms are spacious and economic; also, cleanliness is impressive. Basically, you can't complain. And of course, scenic beauty nearby is just mesmerising. Taxi is available at your steps to roam about places in Dharamshala and MacLeodganj (20 min-1 hr ride). "

Swati Sonal

“A lovely place”

"A lovely place, run by some beautiful warm people. A must visit place for someone wanting to be amidst Himalayas, and at the same time taste local culture. 

Mohit Kumar


 I have been here many a time and it is truly mesmerizing whenever I see those mighty mountains and these mud-houses 🙂 Way to go Mohinder and Team! Another major plus point of this place -- it's a Zero-waste property.. 🙂 (Y)"

Raghav Bhavsar 

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